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Hey there, savvy shoppers! If you're anything like me, you love the convenience of Instacart but hate overpaying for groceries. Well, get ready to do a happy dance because I'm about to spill the beans on how to slash your grocery bill with the power of Instacart promo codes!

These little codes are like golden tickets, unlocking discounts, free delivery, and other awesome perks that make your Instacart experience even sweeter. Whether you're a seasoned Instacart pro or a newbie just dipping your toes in, this guide will arm you with everything you need to know to become a promo code ninja.

What are Instacart promo codes?

Think of them as secret passwords that whisper "savings" to the Instacart checkout gods. They can be a combination of letters and numbers, or sometimes just a simple word, that you enter when you're finalizing your order. Depending on the code, you might get a percentage off your total, a dollar amount discount, or even free delivery!

Types of Instacart Promo Codes: A Buffet of Savings

Just like a delicious buffet, Instacart offers a variety of promo code flavors to satisfy every craving for savings. Here's a taste of what you might find:

  • Percentage-Based Discounts: These are my personal favorites! They usually take a percentage off your total order, like 10% or 20%. The more you spend, the more you save!
  • Fixed-Amount Discounts: These codes give you a specific dollar amount off, like "$10 off your first order." They're great for smaller orders or when you're trying Instacart for the first time.
  • Free Delivery: Who doesn't love free shipping? These codes waive the delivery fee, which can really add up over time.
  • Referral Credits: If you're a fan of Instacart, spread the love! Refer your friends and family, and you'll both get credits towards future orders.

Pro Tips for the Ultimate Instacart Savings Experience

Stack Your Savings

If you have multiple promo codes, try applying them one at a time during checkout. Sometimes you can get lucky and stack multiple discounts! Just keep in mind that Instacart usually applies the biggest discount first.

Check Expiry Dates

Promo codes often have expiration dates, so use them before they disappear! Keep an eye on the terms and conditions of each code.

Don't Forget Your Instacart+ Benefits

If you're an Instacart+ member, remember to take advantage of your free delivery and exclusive discounts. It's like having a secret weapon in the battle against high grocery bills.

Shop at Off-Peak Times

Instacart delivery fees and service fees can vary depending on the time and day. If you're flexible, try scheduling your delivery for off-peak times to potentially save on fees.


Congratulations, savvy shopper! You've now unlocked the secrets to scoring big savings on Instacart. With this newfound knowledge, you can confidently navigate the world of promo codes, discounts, and other money-saving strategies.


Can I combine Instacart promo codes for even bigger discounts?

While Instacart typically allows only one promo code per order, there are some exceptions. Occasionally, they might run special promotions where you can stack multiple codes. Keep an eye out for these opportunities, and always try entering multiple codes at checkout – you never know when you might hit the jackpot!

Why is my Instacart promo code not working?

There are a few reasons why your promo code might not be working:

  • Expiration Date: Always check the expiry date of your code.
  • Minimum Purchase: Some codes require a minimum purchase amount.
  • Item Restrictions: Certain codes might only apply to specific items or brands.
  • Account Eligibility: Some codes are only valid for new customers or specific accounts.
  • Typos: Double-check that you've entered the code correctly, paying attention to any capitalization or special characters.

If you're still having trouble, reach out to Instacart customer service for assistance.

Do Instacart promo codes work on all stores?

Most Instacart promo codes are valid across all stores available on the platform. However, some codes might be specific to certain retailers or brands. Always read the fine print of the code to see if there are any restrictions.

Can I use an Instacart promo code more than once?

Generally, each Instacart promo code is designed for one-time use per account. However, there are some exceptions. For example, referral codes can be used multiple times as long as you're referring different people.

Are there any secret ways to get Instacart promo codes?

While there are no real "secrets," there are some lesser-known ways to find promo codes:

  • Check Reddit: The Instacart subreddit often has threads where users share codes they've found.
  • Join Facebook Groups: Many Facebook groups are dedicated to sharing deals and promo codes for various retailers, including Instacart.
  • Look for Partner Promotions: Sometimes, Instacart partners with other brands to offer special discounts. Check the websites or social media pages of your favorite brands to see if they have any current promotions with Instacart.

Do Instacart promo codes work on alcohol purchases?

It depends on the specific promo code and your local regulations. Some codes may explicitly exclude alcohol purchases, while others may have restrictions on the type or quantity of alcohol you can buy. Always check the terms and conditions of the code before applying it to an order containing alcohol.