Dunkin' drink syrups

Dunkin’ Spills the Beans: The Secret Behind Their Signature Syrups

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Dunkin’, the global coffee and donut giant with over 13,200 stores, has a well-kept secret behind its delicious flavored beverages. While they’ve mastered the art of consistent coffee and donuts, it’s their custom-produced syrups that truly elevate their drink menu.

Baldwin Richardson Foods: The Flavor Architects

Dunkin’ partners with Baldwin Richardson Foods, a renowned food service provider, to create their unique flavor shots and flavor swirls. These syrups, free from artificial dyes and sweeteners, range from toasted white chocolate to caramel and raspberry, adding a burst of flavor to Dunkin’s coffees, teas, and more.

Baldwin Richardson Foods boasts a rich history, stemming from the merger of Baldwin Ice Cream, once a leading African-American-owned company, and Richardson Foods. Today, they are a major player in the industrial food industry, supplying flavorings and ingredients to industry titans like McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Starbucks, and PepsiCo.

Dunkin' drink syrups
Dunkin’ drink syrups

Flavor Shots vs. Flavor Swirls: The Sweet Truth

Dunkin’ offers two distinct syrup categories: flavor shots and flavor swirls. Flavor shots are unsweetened and sugar-free, catering to health-conscious consumers. Flavor swirls, on the other hand, are sweet, creamy, and indulgent, often containing dairy and used in seasonal favorites like Peppermint Mocha.

The Exclusivity Factor

While Dunkin’ fans may be tempted to recreate their favorite drinks at home, Baldwin Richardson Foods’ exclusive contract with Dunkin’ means the syrups are not available for consumer purchase. However, rumors of authorized sales by store managers and online listings on platforms like Amazon and Etsy suggest there may be ways to get your hands on these coveted flavors.

Dunkin’s Recipe for Success

Dunkin’s commitment to quality and consistency, combined with their strategic partnerships, has solidified their position as a global leader in the coffee and donut industry. Their collaboration with Baldwin Richardson Foods exemplifies their dedication to providing customers with unique and delicious flavor experiences. So, the next time you savor a Dunkin’ flavored beverage, remember the secret ingredient that makes it so special.

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