Walmart Drops the Mic with Epic PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Deal cover

Prime Day Showdown: Walmart Drops the Mic with Epic PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Deal

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Calling all PlayStation 5 aficionados and competitive gamers! Walmart isn’t waiting for Amazon Prime Day to unleash a deal that’s music to your ears (and a potential game-changer for your thumbs). Starting today, the retail giant is slashing the price of the coveted DualSense Edge Controller—a pro-grade powerhouse akin to the Xbox Elite for Series X—to a tempting $174.99. That’s a cool 13% off its usual $200 price tag, a discount rarely seen for this high-end peripheral.

If you’ve been eyeing this controller, now’s the time to pounce. Not only is this discount a rarity, but it’s also unlikely to be beaten during Prime Day. In fact, don’t be surprised if Amazon completely skips offering a deal on this sought-after controller altogether. Perhaps they’ll surprise us with a Playstation discount code instead, but don’t hold your breath!

Why should you care about the DualSense Edge, you ask? Well, it’s not your average gamepad. It’s Sony’s answer to the pro gaming scene, loaded with features that can give you that competitive edge (pun intended).

  • Customization is King: Swappable analog stick tops (in two heights and styles), remappable back buttons (choose levers or nubs), and adjustable triggers (fine-tune your trigger pull) let you tailor the controller to your playstyle.
  • Built to Last: A sturdy hard-shell case keeps your investment safe during travel and even doubles as a charging station (a 9-foot USB-C cable is included). Plus, if those analog sticks ever wear out (and they will with heavy use), you can buy replacements for a mere $19.99.

This sale is a golden opportunity to elevate your PS5 gaming experience to pro-level status. And with Prime Day deals being notoriously hit-or-miss, snagging this offer now could be the smartest move you make all week. So, head over to Walmart before this deal vanishes faster than you can say “Kratos smash!”

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