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Etsy Processing for Holidays

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Hey there, creative entrepreneurs! We’ve got some important news from Etsy HQ that could impact your shop’s processing times. But fear not, because this update is all about giving you more control! Here’s the scoop:

Etsy’s Giving You the Power to Choose Your Processing Schedule on Holidays! Previously, all national postal holidays were automatically factored into processing times. But that’s changing! Starting July 24, 2024, Etsy will introduce a new feature that allows US and Canadian sellers to specify which holidays they actually process orders on.

Why the Change? This update is designed to ensure your processing times are crystal clear for both you and your customers. Think of it as a way to avoid any potential confusion! By letting Etsy know which holidays you take a break on, buyers will have a more accurate picture of when their awesome handmade treasures will ship out.

What You Need to Do: Action time! If you don’t want all national holidays included in your processing times, be sure to update your “Shipping Settings” on Etsy by July 24th. This way, your shop’s processing schedule reflects your reality and keeps your customers happy!

Here’s a sneak peek at the first holidays affected by this change: Labor Day in the US (September 6th) and Civic Holiday in Canada (August 5th).

Bonus Tip! While you’re tinkering with your settings, consider adding a quick note to your shop policies about your holiday processing schedule. This extra transparency can go a long way in building trust with your customers.

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So there you have it, Etsy sellers! This new feature empowers you to take control of your processing times and keep things smooth sailing on both sides of the order. Happy selling!

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