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How to Find Old Navy Coupons and Promo Codes

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This comprehensive guide unveils insider secrets on how to maximize savings at Old Navy. It delves into official channels like the website, app, and email alerts, revealing hidden discounts and how to stack savings. The guide then explores third-party platforms like coupon websites, browser extensions, and cashback apps, highlighting lesser-known sources for exclusive codes. It also explains how to optimize Old Navy’s rewards programs for maximum benefit and offers advanced strategies like outlet shopping and price matching. Filled with practical tips and real-life examples, this guide equips readers with the knowledge and tools to become savvy Old Navy shoppers and never pay full price again.


Excited shopper with Old Navy bags
Excited shopper with Old Navy bags

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of snagging a stylish outfit at Old Navy for a steal. Whether you’re refreshing your wardrobe, stocking up on basics, or hunting for the perfect gift, those red clearance tags and “extra percentage off” signs are like beacons of hope. But did you know there are even more ways to maximize your savings? That’s right! If you’ve ever wondered how some people seem to have a magic touch when it comes to finding Old Navy coupons and promo codes, get ready to uncover their secrets.

In this ultimate insider’s guide, I’ll walk you through every nook and cranny of Old Navy’s digital landscape and beyond, revealing hidden gems and clever strategies to ensure you never pay full price again.

Mastering Old Navy’s Official Channels

person browsing the Old Navy website on their laptop
Person browsing the Old Navy website on their laptop

Old Navy’s website is a treasure trove of discounts, but you have to know where to look. Here’s how to dig deep and unearth those savings:

Old Navy Website Deep Dive

  • Sale Sections: Don’t just browse the homepage – head straight to the “Clearance,” “Today Only Deals,” and “Final Few” sections. These are goldmines for heavily discounted items.
  • Filter by Price: Use the website’s price filters to narrow down your search and focus on your budget.

Keep an eye on the “Final Few” section. These items are often the last ones in stock and come with the deepest discounts.

Email & Text Alerts

  • Subscribe with Multiple Emails: If you have more than one email address, sign up for Old Navy emails with all of them. You might receive unique codes or offers on different accounts.
  • Lookout for “Mystery Deals”: Old Navy often sends out emails with “mystery deals” that are revealed only after you click the link. These can be substantial discounts.

Old Navy App

  • Store Locator & Price Match: Use the app’s store locator to see if an item you want is available at a nearby store. If it is, and it’s cheaper in-store, you can often price match.
  • Exclusive App Offers: The Old Navy app often features exclusive coupons and discounts not found elsewhere.

By mastering these official channels, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Old Navy savings pro. But there’s more! The world of third-party platforms offers even more opportunities to stack those discounts.

Unearthing Hidden Gems on Third-Party Platforms

person using a smartphone to browse coupon apps
Person using a smartphone to browse coupon apps

While Old Navy’s website and app are great starting points, the world of third-party platforms offers even more avenues for savvy savers. Let’s explore these hidden gems:

Coupon Aggregator Websites

  • Beyond the Big Names: While RetailMeNot and Groupon are popular, don’t overlook lesser-known sites like DealCatcher, CouponCabin, and Slickdeals. These often have exclusive Old Navy codes.
  • Search Filters are Your Friend: When using these sites, utilize search filters to refine your results. Filter by expiration date to ensure you’re only seeing valid codes, and sort by discount amount to find the best deals.

Look for coupons that offer a percentage off your entire purchase, rather than just a single item. These can often lead to the biggest savings.

Browser Extensions

Honey and Rakuten: These popular browser extensions automatically search for and apply coupon codes at checkout. Install both to double your chances of finding a working code.

Combine Honey with Rakuten. Honey will find and apply the best coupon code, and then Rakuten will give you cashback on your purchase – a double win!

Cashback Apps

Ibotta and Fetch Rewards: These apps let you earn cashback on Old Navy purchases by uploading your receipts. It’s like getting paid to shop!

I’ve personally earned over $50 in cashback on Old Navy purchases through Ibotta. That’s basically a free pair of jeans!

By venturing beyond Old Navy’s official channels and exploring these third-party platforms, you’ll unlock a world of additional savings opportunities. But don’t stop there! Old Navy’s own rewards programs can take your savings to the next level.

Maximizing Old Navy Rewards Programs

person holding an Old Navy Navyist Rewards credit card
Person holding an Old Navy Navyist Rewards credit card

Old Navy rewards its loyal customers through various programs that can significantly boost your savings. Let’s delve into how you can make the most of them:

Navyist Rewards Beyond the Basics

  • Earn Points Faster: Don’t just rely on purchases to earn points. Take advantage of bonus point offers for signing up for emails, downloading the app, or referring friends.
  • Stack Rewards: If you have the Old Navy credit card, you can earn both Navyist Rewards points and credit card rewards on every purchase. It’s a powerful combination!

Plan your purchases around your birthday. Old Navy usually offers bonus points or discounts during your birthday month.

Navyist Rewards Credit Card

Is it Worth It? The Old Navy credit card offers 5 points per dollar spent at Old Navy and 1 point per dollar spent elsewhere. If you’re a frequent Old Navy shopper, the rewards can add up quickly.

Compare the Old Navy credit card to other cashback credit cards to ensure it’s the best fit for your spending habits.

Welcome Bonus: Keep an eye out for welcome bonus offers when you sign up for the card. These can often be worth $50 or more in rewards.

Super Cash Events

  • Strategic Shopping: Old Navy’s Super Cash events are the perfect time to stock up on essentials. During these events, you earn Super Cash on your purchases, which can be redeemed like cash on future purchases.
  • Advanced Strategy: Combine Super Cash with other discounts and coupons for maximum savings. For example, use a 20% off coupon during a Super Cash event to earn Super Cash on the discounted price.

By understanding and optimizing Old Navy’s rewards programs, you can turn every purchase into an opportunity to save more. But we’re not done yet! There are still some advanced strategies up our sleeves.

Advanced Strategies for Savvy Shoppers

person sorting through clothing at an Old Navy outlet store
Person sorting through clothing at an Old Navy outlet store

For those who are truly committed to finding the absolute best deals, these advanced strategies can help you unlock even more savings:

Outlet Stores

  • Hidden Treasure Troves: Old Navy outlet stores offer a wide selection of discounted items, often with prices lower than those found at regular stores. These stores typically carry overstock, discontinued items, and factory seconds.
  • Unique Content: To help you on your treasure hunt, here’s a list of Old Navy outlet locations across the United States. Be sure to check the store’s return policy, as it may differ from regular stores.

Visit outlet stores during clearance sales for even deeper discounts.

Employee Discounts

If you have a friend or family member who works at Old Navy, ask if they can share their employee discount with you. This can often be a significant percentage off your purchase.

Don’t take advantage of their generosity. Offer to pay them back or treat them to coffee as a thank you.

Price Matching

Double the Discounts: Old Navy has a price adjustment policy that allows you to get a refund if an item you purchased goes on sale within 14 days. Combine this with price matching competitor coupons to maximize your savings.

Keep track of your receipts and check Old Navy’s website regularly for price drops.

By employing these advanced strategies, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Old Navy savings ninja. Remember, saving money is a marathon, not a sprint. Be persistent, combine different methods, and never stop looking for new ways to stretch your dollar further.


person smiling and holding Old Navy shopping bags
Person smiling and holding Old Navy shopping bags

Congratulations! You’re now armed with an arsenal of strategies to find the best Old Navy coupons and promo codes. From mastering Old Navy’s official channels to uncovering hidden gems on third-party platforms, maximizing rewards programs, and utilizing advanced tactics, you’re well-equipped to conquer the world of Old Navy savings.

Remember, the key to saving money is to be proactive and persistent. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods and see what works best for you. And most importantly, have fun with it! Shopping should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one.


Does Old Navy offer a military discount?

Yes, Old Navy offers a 10% military discount to active-duty personnel, veterans, and their families. Be sure to bring a valid military ID to verify eligibility in-store. Online, the discount can often be applied during checkout with verification.

Can I combine Old Navy coupons with other discounts?

It depends on the specific coupons and promotions. Some Old Navy coupons can be combined with other discounts, while others cannot. Always read the fine print on your coupons and the terms of any promotions to understand the rules for combining offers.

How can I find Old Navy coupons that work on clearance items?

Old Navy occasionally releases coupons that are valid on clearance items. Keep an eye on their website, email promotions, and app for special offers that apply to already discounted merchandise.

Do Old Navy promo codes expire?

Yes, most Old Navy promo codes have an expiration date. Be sure to check the fine print on your coupon to see when it expires. If a code has expired, it will not work, even if it is still listed on a coupon website.

Can I use Old Navy coupons at the outlet stores?

Old Navy outlet stores have their own unique promotions and discounts, and they may not accept all coupons that are valid at regular Old Navy stores. However, some coupons may still be applicable, so it’s always worth asking at the register.

How do I get the most out of Old Navy’s Super Cash events?

To maximize your savings during Super Cash events, plan your purchases strategically. Buy items you need during the earning period to accumulate Super Cash, then redeem it during the redemption period for additional discounts. You can also combine Super Cash with other coupons and promotions for even bigger savings.

Are there any Old Navy coupons that don’t require a minimum purchase?

Yes, Old Navy sometimes offers coupons that do not require a minimum purchase. These coupons are often found in their email promotions or through their app. Keep an eye out for these special offers to save even on smaller purchases.

Can I use a Gap coupon at Old Navy?

Old Navy and Gap are sister brands, but they operate as separate entities with their own unique coupons and promotions. Gap coupons are not typically valid at Old Navy, and vice versa.

How often does Old Navy release new coupons?

Old Navy frequently releases new coupons and promotions throughout the year. They often have special offers for holidays, seasonal sales, and clearance events. The best way to stay updated on the latest deals is to sign up for their email list and download their app.

What is the best way to find Old Navy coupon codes that actually work?

The best way to find working Old Navy coupon codes is to use a combination of methods. Check the official Old Navy website and app, sign up for their email list, and use reputable coupon websites and browser extensions. Always verify the validity of a code before using it.

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