The new Peacock deal gets you a premium subscription for just $20

The new Peacock deal gets you a premium subscription for just $20

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Hey money-saving mavens, guess what? Peacock just unleashed a deal so hot, it’ll make your wallet sweat!

Listen up, because this is BIG. New subscribers can snag a whole year of Peacock Premium for just $20! That’s right, twenty bucks. Like, two coffees and a donut kind of twenty.

Normally, Peacock Premium would cost you way more, but thanks to the power of promo codes, you can binge your heart out for a measly $19.99. That’s like finding a crisp Hamilton on the sidewalk – pure win!

Here’s the juicy part: use code STREAMTHEDEAL at checkout and POOF! A year’s worth of shows, movies, and sports is yours for the taking. No more fighting over the remote – streaming bliss for everyone!

Now, just a heads-up: this is for new Peacock peeps only. But trust me, for $20, it’s a steal! (And hey, maybe you can gift a subscription to a friend – spreading the savings love, ya know? )

By the way, Peacock Premium is usually priced like a fancy latte, but with this deal, you’re getting it for happy hour prices! There’s even an ad-free option (Peacock Premium Plus) if you’re feeling fancy, but that’s a story for another day.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this deal before it disappears faster than a free donut at the office! Remember, use code STREAMTHEDEAL and get ready to stream like a champ! Looking for more incredible Peacock Promo Codes? We’ve got you covered!

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