The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at Target

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at Target

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Hey savvy shoppers! If Target’s your happy place, I’m here to help you make it your savings happy place, too. Target’s got a ton of amazing stuff, but those prices can add up. That’s where I come in! Get ready to unlock the secrets to scoring big discounts and leaving Target with a smile on your face and extra cash in your pocket.

Target Savings Strategies: Let’s Get Thrifty!

Target is not just about trendy clothes and home decor; it’s also a treasure trove of savings opportunities. Get ready to discover a whole new world of discounts with these tried-and-true strategies.

Latest Coupons: Your Secret Weapon for Savings

First things first: head straight to, where we’ve hunted down the absolute best and most up-to-date Target coupons and promo codes. Think of it as your VIP pass to discounts on everything from stylish outfits and tech goodies to kitchen essentials and must-have toys. We’re constantly updating our collection, so you’ll always have the freshest deals at your fingertips.

How to Use Target Coupons Like a Pro

Using these coupons is a breeze! Just copy the code, paste it into the promo code box during checkout (online) or show it to the cashier (in-store), and watch those prices drop. It’s like magic, but for your wallet!

Target Savings Strategies - Let's Get Thrifty

Target Circle: Your VIP Pass to Exclusive Perks

Okay, Target Circle – this is where things get really good. Think of it as your backstage pass to even more savings at Target. It’s totally free to join (yes, you read that right – FREE!), and the perks are amazing.

  • 1% Earnings: Every time you shop, you’ll earn 1% back on all your purchases, which you can use on future Target runs. It’s like getting paid to shop!
  • Personalized Offers: Target Circle knows what you like (they’re smart cookies!), so they’ll send you personalized coupons and offers tailored to your shopping habits. More of the stuff you love, for less? Yes, please!
  • Birthday Gift: Who doesn’t love a birthday treat? Target Circle members get a special discount to celebrate their big day.
  • Early Access to Sales: Get the jump on the best deals with exclusive early access to sales events. You’ll be able to snag those hot items before they’re gone.

How to Join Target Circle

Joining is a piece of cake. Just head to the Target app or website, create an account, and opt into Target Circle. Boom! You’re officially part of the club.

RedCard: Is It Worth It?

Now, let’s talk about the Target RedCard. This credit or debit card offers a tempting 5% off on every purchase. Sounds pretty amazing, right? But before you jump on board, let’s weigh the pros and cons.


  • 5% Off Everything: That discount can add up fast, especially on big purchases.
  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free standard shipping on most online orders – no minimum purchase required.
  • Extended Returns: You’ll get an extra 30 days to return most items.


  • Credit Card Risks: If you opt for the credit card, be mindful of interest rates and potential debt.
  • Not for Everyone: The RedCard is only beneficial if you shop at Target regularly.

If you’re a frequent Target shopper and a responsible credit card user, the RedCard can be a fantastic way to save. But if you rarely visit Target or prefer to avoid credit cards, it might not be the best fit for you.

Price Matching: Your Ticket to the Lowest Prices

Calling all bargain hunters! Target’s Price Match Guarantee is your secret weapon for ensuring you’re getting the absolute lowest price on your purchases. Here’s the lowdown:

  • How it Works: If you find an identical item advertised for less at a qualifying competitor, Target will match that price. This applies to both in-store and online purchases.
  • Qualifying Competitors: Target’s list includes major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. You can find the full list on their website.
  • How to Request a Price Match: Simply bring in the competitor’s ad or show it on your phone to the cashier in-store. For online purchases, contact Target’s Guest Services before or within 14 days of your purchase.

Pro Tip: Always check for lower prices before you buy. A quick online search could save you some serious cash!

Clearance: Your Treasure Hunt for Discounts

Get ready to embark on a thrilling treasure hunt through Target’s clearance sections! Here’s how to unearth the best deals:

  • Look for Yellow Tags: Clearance items are marked with yellow tags displaying the discounted price.
  • Markdown Schedule: Target typically marks down clearance items on specific days of the week (often Wednesdays). Check your local store for their schedule.
  • Endcaps & Back of Aisles: Clearance items are often found on endcaps (the displays at the end of aisles) and in the back corners of departments.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Dig: Clearance sections can get a little messy, so be prepared to rummage for hidden gems.

Pro Tip: Use the Target app to scan barcodes and check for additional discounts on clearance items.

Apps & Browser Extensions: Your Automated Savings Sidekicks

In the digital age, saving money is easier than ever, thanks to some handy tools that do the heavy lifting for you. These apps and browser extensions are like having a personal shopping assistant who’s always on the lookout for the best deals.

  • Honey: This browser extension automatically searches for and applies available coupons at checkout. It’s like having a coupon fairy who sprinkles savings dust on your online shopping cart!
  • Rakuten (formerly Ebates): Earn cash back on your Target purchases (and at many other retailers) through Rakuten. It’s a simple way to put money back in your pocket.
  • The Target App: Download the Target app for easy access to Circle offers, weekly ads, and mobile coupons. You can even use the app to create shopping lists and check in-store inventory.

Apps & Browser Extensions- Your Automated Savings Sidekicks

Target Substitutions: Save with Store Brands

Don’t underestimate the power of Target’s own brands. Often, their store-brand products offer comparable quality to name brands at a fraction of the price. Consider making the switch to these wallet-friendly alternatives:

  • Up & Up: Target’s Up & Up brand covers a wide range of products, from household essentials to personal care items and over-the-counter medications.
  • Good & Gather: This brand focuses on delicious and affordable groceries, including snacks, pantry staples, and prepared meals.
  • Smartly: If you’re looking for low-cost cleaning supplies and household essentials, Smartly has you covered.
  • All in Motion: This activewear and sporting goods brand offers quality products at competitive prices.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with Target’s store brands. You might be surprised by how much you can save without sacrificing quality.

Timing Your Shopping Trips: Shop Smart, Not Hard

Knowing when to shop at Target can be just as important as knowing how to shop. By strategically timing your visits, you can maximize your savings and snag the best deals.

Weekly Ad: Your Roadmap to Savings

Think of the Target weekly ad as your treasure map to discounts. It’s packed with information about upcoming sales, promotions, and limited-time offers. Before you head to the store (or click “add to cart” online), take a few minutes to scan the ad and plan your shopping list around the featured deals.

Pro Tip: Sign up for Target’s email list to have the weekly ad delivered straight to your inbox. That way, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to savings!

Seasonal Sales: Your Chance to Score Big

Target knows how to throw a sale, and their seasonal events are no exception. These major sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on everything from back-to-school supplies and holiday gifts to patio furniture and outdoor gear. Mark your calendar for these big-ticket savings events:

  • Black Friday: Target’s Black Friday deals are legendary, offering deep discounts on electronics, toys, appliances, and more.
  • After-Holiday Clearance: Once the holidays are over, Target slashes prices on seasonal items like decorations, wrapping paper, and holiday-themed goodies.
  • Summer Clearance: As summer winds down, Target clears out its inventory of swimwear, outdoor furniture, and warm-weather essentials.
  • Back-to-School Sales: Get ready for the school year with discounts on backpacks, lunchboxes, clothing, and school supplies.

Markdowns: Catching the Discount Wave

Target follows a regular markdown schedule, typically reducing prices on clearance items on specific days of the week (often Wednesdays). Knowing the markdown schedule for your local store can help you time your visits for maximum savings potential.

Pro Tip: Ask a Target team member about the markdown schedule at your store. They’ll be happy to share the inside scoop!

Additional Tips & Tricks: The Target Savings Secret Sauce

You’ve already mastered coupons, clearance, and timing your shopping trips like a pro. Now, let’s sprinkle in some extra savvy strategies to take your savings to the next level.

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at Target

Gift Cards: Your Ticket to Extra Discounts

Did you know you can buy Target gift cards at a discount? Yep, it’s true! Retailers like Raise and CardCash often sell Target gift cards for less than their face value. By purchasing these discounted gift cards, you’re essentially getting a built-in discount on your future Target purchases. It’s like free money – who doesn’t love that?

Shop Online: Unlock Exclusive Deals

Don’t limit yourself to brick-and-mortar shopping. Target’s online store often features exclusive deals and promotions that you won’t find in-store. Plus, shopping online can save you time and gas money. Keep an eye on Target’s website and app for online-only flash sales and limited-time offers.

Registry Perks: Celebrate with Savings

Planning a wedding, baby shower, or another special event? Create a Target registry and take advantage of their completion discount. After your event, you’ll receive a discount on any remaining items on your registry. It’s a fantastic way to save on things you truly need and want.

Subscriptions: Simplify and Save on Essentials

If you find yourself regularly purchasing the same household essentials or baby products, consider signing up for Target’s subscription service. You’ll save money with each delivery and enjoy the convenience of having those items delivered right to your doorstep. Plus, you can adjust or cancel your subscriptions at any time, so there’s no commitment stress.


There you have it, savvy shoppers! Your ultimate guide to saving money at Target is complete. By combining these strategies – coupons, clearance, timing, and a few bonus tricks – you’ll be a Target savings superstar in no time. Remember, it’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about shopping smarter. So go forth, embrace these tips, and enjoy the thrill of scoring amazing deals at Target!

And don’t forget to visit for all the latest Target coupons and promo codes. Happy saving!


How often does Target release new coupons?

Target typically releases new coupons and promo codes every week. Check regularly for the latest deals!

Can I stack Target coupons?

Target’s coupon policy varies, so it’s best to check the fine print of each coupon. Some coupons can be combined with others, while others cannot.

Does Target price match online retailers like Amazon?

Yes! Target’s price match guarantee includes select online retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and others.

How can I find out the markdown schedule for my local Target?

The easiest way is to ask a Target team member at your local store. They’ll be happy to share the schedule with you.

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