Stack Macy's Discounts Like a Pro Ultimate Guide

Stack Macy’s Discounts Like a Pro Ultimate Guide

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Stacking isn’t just about using a coupon here and there. It’s a strategic art form, where you layer different discounts, deals, and hacks to get the absolute lowest price on everything from designer handbags to kitchen gadgets.

Shopper smiling in front of Macy's with bags, showcasing the success of discount stacking
Shopper smiling in front of Macy’s with bags, showcasing the success of discount stacking

In this ultimate guide, I’m going to share my hard-won secrets. We’ll go beyond the basics, diving into insider tips and strategies that most blogs don’t even touch. Get ready to transform your Macy’s shopping experience from “that was a good deal” to “holy moly, I can’t believe I paid so little!”

Stacking isn’t just about using a coupon here and there. It’s a strategic art form, where you layer different discounts, deals, and hacks to get the absolute lowest price on everything from designer handbags to kitchen gadgets. You can read more about the concept of price discrimination on Wikipedia.

Demystifying Macy’s Discount Ecosystem

Variety of Macy's discount signs, showcasing the many ways to save.
Variety of Macy’s discount signs, showcasing the many ways to save.

While most shoppers are familiar with the classic Macy’s coupons and seasonal sales, there’s a whole hidden world of discounts waiting to be discovered. It’s like a secret menu at your favorite restaurant, only instead of a gourmet burger, you get a killer deal on a designer dress.

Beyond the Basics

  • Price Adjustments: Macy’s offers price adjustments within 10 days of purchase if an item goes on sale. The kicker? You don’t even need the original receipt. Just show them proof of the lower price, and they’ll refund you the difference.
  • Friends & Family Discount: This semi-annual event (usually in April and October) offers 25% off on almost everything, even on top of existing discounts. Get on the email list to be notified, or make friends with a Macy’s employee.
  • Register Rewards: If you’re getting married, having a baby, or moving, create a Macy’s registry. Not only will you get gifts, but you’ll also score a completion discount on remaining items.
  • Store-Specific Markdowns: Each Macy’s store has unique inventory and clearance patterns. Get to know your local store’s “sweet spots” – maybe it’s the shoe department on Tuesdays or the home section on weekends.

The Power of Timing

Macy’s discounts aren’t random. There’s a method to the madness, and understanding the timing can be your secret weapon:

  • One-Day Sales: These flash sales often happen on Thursdays and are announced through email or the app. Sign up for alerts and be ready to pounce!
  • Clearance Cycles: Each department has its own clearance schedule. For example, winter coats are deeply discounted in February, while summer dresses go on sale in August. Learn these patterns and plan your purchases accordingly.

Mastering the Stacking Fundamentals

Step-by-step flowchart illustrating how to stack discounts at Macy's
Step-by-step flowchart illustrating how to stack discounts at Macy’s

Now that you’re familiar with Macy’s diverse discount landscape, let’s dive into the core strategy: stacking. Think of it like building a delicious sandwich – each layer adds flavor and value.

Stacking 101

At its essence, stacking is combining multiple discounts on a single purchase. But to truly master it, you need to understand the order of operations:

  • Sale Price: Start with the item’s already discounted price.
  • Dollar-Off Coupons: Apply any coupons that take a fixed amount off
  • Percentage-Off Coupons: Apply coupons that offer a percentage discount
  • Star Rewards: Redeem your points for additional savings.
  • Credit Card Rewards: Pay with your Macy’s card to earn rewards or cashback.
  • Cashback Apps: Activate your cashback offer through a site like Rakuten before checking out.

Real-World Example

Let’s say you’re eyeing a $100 dress that’s on sale for $60. You have a $20 off $50 coupon, a 20% off coupon, 500 Star Rewards points ($10 off), and a Macy’s card that gives you 5% back. Here’s how the stacking would look:

  • Sale Price: $60
  • $20 off $50 coupon: $40
  • 20% off coupon: $32
  • Star Rewards: $22
  • Credit Card Rewards: $20.90 (after 5% cashback)

That’s a whopping 79% off the original price!

Advanced Stacking Techniques

Image illustrating the concept of the gift card loophole for stacking discounts at Macy's
Image illustrating the concept of the gift card loophole for stacking discounts at Macy’s

Ready to level up your stacking game? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the more advanced strategies that can turn you into a Macy’s savings ninja.

The Gift Card Loophole

This technique is not for the faint of heart, but it can lead to some serious savings:

  • Buy Discounted Gift Cards: Websites like Raise and CardCash sell Macy’s gift cards at a discount (typically 5-15% off).
  • Shop the Sales: Use those discounted gift cards to purchase items that are already on sale or clearance.
  • Double Discount: You’re essentially getting a discount on top of a discount!
  • Ethical Considerations: While this strategy is technically allowed, some may consider it taking advantage of the system. Use your judgment and don’t go overboard.

Leveraging Multiple Accounts

This one’s a bit sneaky, but it’s perfectly legitimate:

  • Create Multiple Macy’s Accounts: Have one for yourself and one for a trusted friend or family member.
  • Stack Rewards: If you both have Star Rewards points, you can combine them on a single purchase.
  • Double the Deals: You’ll also have access to two sets of coupons and promotions, giving you more options for stacking.

The Return & Rebuy Strategy

This technique requires patience and a bit of luck:

  • Purchase at Full Price: If you need an item urgently or it’s not on sale, buy it at full price.
  • Track the Price: Keep an eye on the item to see if it goes on sale within the return window (usually 30 days).
  • Return and Rebuy: If the price drops, return the item for a full refund and rebuy it at the lower price.
  • Ethical Considerations: Use this strategy sparingly and only if you genuinely need the item. Don’t abuse it, as it could lead to stricter return policies for everyone.

Beyond Macy’s: Expanding Your Savings Universe

Screenshot of Rakuten showcasing Macy's cashback offer, demonstrating how to save even more on Macy's purchases through external platforms
Screenshot of Rakuten showcasing Macy’s cashback offer, demonstrating how to save even more on Macy’s purchases through external platforms

Stacking discounts at Macy’s is already impressive, but why stop there? Let’s take your savings game beyond the confines of the department store and explore how to squeeze even more value out of every purchase.

Cashback Portals

These online platforms are the unsung heroes of savings, offering you a percentage of your purchase back in cash. It’s like getting paid to shop! Here’s how it works:

  • Choose Your Portal: Popular options include Rakuten (formerly Ebates), TopCashback, and Honey. Each offers different cashback rates for Macy’s, so compare before you click.
  • Activate Your Offer: Click through the portal to Macy’s website to activate the cashback.
  • Shop as Usual: Complete your purchase as you normally would.
  • Get Cash Back: The cashback amount will be credited to your portal account after a few days or weeks.

Credit Card Rewards

If you’re a frequent Macy’s shopper, having the right credit card in your wallet can be a game-changer. Here’s what to consider:

  • Macy’s Credit Card: It offers 5% back in rewards on most Macy’s purchases, plus exclusive discounts and Star Money bonuses. However, it has a high APR, so pay it off in full each month to avoid interest charges.
  • General Cashback Cards: Cards like Citi Double Cash or Chase Freedom Unlimited offer a flat cashback rate on all purchases, including Macy’s. This is a good option if you don’t want to be tied to a store-specific card.
  • Travel Rewards Cards: If you’re a frequent traveler, consider a card that earns airline miles or hotel points on Macy’s purchases. This can be a great way to fund your next vacation.

Combining Loyalty Programs

Did you know you can stack your Macy’s savings with other loyalty programs? Here are a few examples:

  • American Express Offers: Amex often has targeted offers for Macy’s, such as $15 back on $75 spent. Combine these with your Macy’s card or other discounts for a triple-stacking win!
  • Airline or Hotel Loyalty Programs: Some programs allow you to earn points or miles on Macy’s purchases through their shopping portals or co-branded credit cards. Check your loyalty program for details.


Shopper celebrating their Macy's haul, symbolizing the success of discount stacking
Shopper celebrating their Macy’s haul, symbolizing the success of discount stacking

Congratulations! You’ve now unlocked the secrets of stacking discounts at Macy’s, a skill that can transform your shopping experience and save you a significant amount of money. Remember, it’s not just about using a single coupon or waiting for a sale. It’s about orchestrating a symphony of savings, layering discounts upon discounts to achieve the ultimate deal.

But don’t stop here! The world of stacking is vast and ever-evolving. I encourage you to share your own stacking triumphs and tips in the comments below. Let’s create a community of savvy shoppers who empower each other to get the most out of our hard-earned money.

And remember, while stacking is a powerful tool, it’s important to use it ethically and responsibly. Be mindful of store policies and avoid abusing return policies or exploiting loopholes.

So, go forth and conquer the world of Macy’s discounts! Armed with this ultimate guide, you have the knowledge and confidence to snag those incredible deals and leave the store feeling like a million bucks (without actually spending a million bucks). Happy stacking!


Is it ethical to stack discounts at Macy’s?

Yes, as long as you’re following the store’s policies and not abusing any loopholes. Stacking is simply combining legitimate discounts and promotions that Macy’s offers. It’s a smart way to shop, not cheating the system.

Can I stack Macy’s coupons with other store coupons?

Generally, no. Macy’s typically limits one promo code and one dollar-off coupon per transaction. However, you can often stack these with Star Rewards discounts and credit card rewards.

Does Macy’s have a limit on how many discounts I can stack?

While Macy’s doesn’t explicitly state a limit, they typically allow stacking one promo code and one dollar-off coupon, along with Star Rewards and credit card rewards. Certain restrictions may apply during specific promotions.

How can I find out about upcoming Macy’s sales or one-day promotions?

Sign up for Macy’s emails and text alerts, follow them on social media, and download their app. These channels often announce upcoming sales and exclusive offers.

Can I use a Macy’s gift card purchased at a discount to stack with other discounts?

Yes, this is a legitimate stacking strategy often called the “gift card loophole.” However, use this tactic responsibly and avoid excessive use.

Does Macy’s allow price adjustments on items purchased with stacked discounts?

Yes, Macy’s typically honors price adjustments within 10 days of purchase, even if you used multiple discounts. Simply provide proof of the lower price, and they’ll refund you the difference.

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