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Z-Burger Crowns Co-Champions in Epic 4th of July Burger Battle

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TENLEYTOWN, WASHINGTON D.C. – Z-Burger’s 15th annual burger-eating contest turned into a nail-biting showdown on Independence Day, culminating in a tie between two titans of competitive eating. Molly Schuyler, the world’s top-ranked female eater, and Dan “Killer” Kennedy, ranked third overall, each devoured a staggering 34 burgers in just 10 minutes. Fans watching were left hungry for more, some even checking their phones for Burger King coupons to satisfy their own burger cravings.

The event, a highlight of Z-Burger’s patriotic festivities, drew a crowd to the Tenleytown location, where a jazz band set the mood and a stretcher stood by, just in case. Schuyler, a Maryland resident, approached her 10th consecutive win with characteristic nonchalance, stating her preparation consisted simply of “getting up and coming here.” The competitive eating veteran, who began her career after a dissatisfaction with her Applebee’s salary, now boasts 12 years of experience in the sport.

Kennedy, a seasoned contender who had previously secured second place seven times, finally clinched victory with a new personal best. His strategy? “Get up, get loose, and get ready to swallow meat for 10 minutes.” Both champions expressed their commitment to post-competition obligations, with Schuyler humorously noting she still had a work shift to attend.

Z-Burger founder Peter Tabibian, a self-proclaimed 4th of July enthusiast, emphasized the quintessential American pairing of burgers and Independence Day, underscoring the significance of the 15-year tradition. With a playful jab at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Tabibian proudly proclaimed Z-Burger’s competition as the nation’s premier burger-eating event.

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