IKEA’s new smart plug could save you money on bills

IKEA’s new smart plug could save you money on bills

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IKEA is gearing up to launch its innovative smart plug designed to track the energy consumption of your appliances. The recent inclusion of this device in IKEA’s Home app indicates that its release may be imminent.

Although IKEA initially announced that the Inspelning plug would be available globally in October, its early appearance in the app suggests that it could hit the shelves sooner. This isn’t unprecedented, as we have previously seen IKEA’s colorful USB-C cables become available in stores ahead of their online release.

Investing in this smart plug can provide significant benefits by allowing users to gain insights into their energy consumption, potentially leading to more efficient energy use and cost savings. With IKEA’s track record of delivering high-quality and innovative home solutions, the Inspelning plug is poised to be a valuable addition to any smart home setup. For the best deals, be sure to explore IKEA Discount Codes before making your purchase.

We have reached out to IKEA for an update on the Inspelning’s launch date and will provide further details once we receive a response. The plug’s imminent release is promising news for those seeking a smart plug that offers remote control via the IKEA app or voice assistants like Alexa, along with the ability to track power consumption.

Currently, IKEA offers the Tretakt smart plug, priced at $16 / £10, which includes a remote control. This device allows users to remotely turn appliances on or off and schedule lighting when paired with the Dirigera smart home hub, available for $69 / £60.

Given that the Inspelning will include the added feature of measuring energy consumption for any connected device, we anticipate its price will be slightly higher than that of the Tretakt. However, as with all IKEA products, it is expected to remain competitively priced and accessible for consumers looking to enhance their smart home setup.

How will it work?

IKEA has been piloting a new feature in its Home app in Sweden called Energy Insights, which the Inspelning smart plug will seamlessly integrate with.

How will it work

This feature aims to provide real-time data on energy consumption and electricity prices, enabling you to compare your home’s power usage with similar households. The goal is to identify which appliances consume the most energy, allowing you to use them more efficiently, save money, and reduce overall consumption.

The Inspelning plug’s capability to schedule and automate appliances, such as lighting, complements this feature perfectly. This makes it an attractive option, especially if you have numerous appliances that lack built-in smart functionality.

However, it’s worth noting that IKEA’s Dirigera hub, priced higher than a smart plug, isn’t as much of an impulse buy. Additionally, it doesn’t fully support the Matter smart home standard yet. Currently, Matter support is available only as a beta feature in the experimental ‘Workshop’ section of the IKEA Home app and is limited to lighting products.

Nonetheless, IKEA has committed to expanding Matter support to more product types over time. The Dirigera hub will eventually serve as a Matter bridge, ensuring that IKEA’s entire smart home range will be compatible with this standard in the future.

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