Pepsi Pineapple is back in Little Caesars store.

Pepsi Pineapple Makes a Splash Back at Little Caesars This Summer

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Aloha, pizza lovers! Your favorite tropical soda is back for a limited-time encore. That’s right, Pepsi Pineapple has returned exclusively to Little Caesars, bringing its unique blend of sweet, tangy, and refreshing flavors to pair perfectly with your pizza cravings.

Exclusive Summer Sips and Snacks

This summer only, you can snag a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi Pineapple exclusively at Little Caesars. But hurry, this island-inspired delight is only available until July 14th! To sweeten the deal, Little Caesars is offering a $4.99 combo featuring Pepsi Pineapple and an order of their irresistible Crazy Puffs. Simply use the promo code “PINEAPPLE” at checkout to unlock this tasty twosome.

Pepsi Pineapple is back in Little Caesars store
Pepsi Pineapple is back in Little Caesars store

Crazy Puffs: The Perfect Pairing

If you haven’t tried Crazy Puffs yet, now’s your chance! These bite-sized pizza treats are like mini calzones packed with cheesy goodness. Imagine a crispy, golden crust filled with a molten mozzarella center. They’re the perfect complement to the tropical notes of Pepsi Pineapple.

A Match Made in Pizza Paradise

Pepsi Pineapple was a huge hit last summer, and fans are thrilled about its return. As Scott Finlow, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Global Foodservice, put it, “Pineapple on pizza may still be debatable, but pizza lovers have made Pepsi Pineapple a clear winner.”

So why not put the debate to rest and treat yourself to this winning combination? Head to your nearest Little Caesars, grab a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi Pineapple, and pair it with an order of Crazy Puffs for the ultimate summer snack. Remember, this offer is valid while supplies last, so don’t miss out on this taste of paradise!

Tech Tip: Ordering online or through the Little Caesars app is the easiest way to secure your Pepsi Pineapple and Crazy Puffs combo. Just enter the promo code “PINEAPPLE” at checkout and get ready to enjoy the flavors of summer.For savvy shoppers looking for even more savings, don’t forget to check out websites like for the latest Little Caesars promo codes. You might just discover additional discounts or deals to make your Pepsi Pineapple and Crazy Puffs combo even sweeter!

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